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    If you are enrolled in a credit or GED course at LBCC, you are eligible to use the Learning Center tutoring service.  You can receive this free resource in the Albany Learning Center, the Learning and Career Center at the Benton Center in Corvallis, or the Lebanon Learning Center. 
    Tutoring for Summer Term has now begun! 

    After registering each term, schedule appointments online with, Tutortrac 

    Step 3: Get registered!

    Registration forms and Tutortrac Instructions

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    Tutoring Program Mission

    Our goal is to help you succeed.

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    Tutoring Subject Areas

    Is there a tutor for your course? Find out here!

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    TASS (Tutor-Assisted Study Support)

    Tutor led group study sessions

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    Math Angle

    Drop-In math tutoring for Mth 15-97

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    Tutor Recommended Resources

    Where do our tutors recommend you go for additional help?

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    Additional Campus Resources

    Find additional support for your coursework

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    Becoming a Tutor

    Interested in becoming a tutor?

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