Copyright Respect, Honesty and Plagiarism

LBCC embraces Excellence. We aspire to the highest ideal with honesty and integrity. LBCC does not tolerate any form of cheating, dishonesty, fraud, forgery, copyright violations or plagiarism. Students charged and found responsible for violating these policies will have serious consequences, from failing grade/grades to removal/suspension/expulsion. LBCC expects student to maintain honesty and integrity in all work, communications, and interactions. This means that we show respect for the ideas and expressions of others, respecting their right to own their research and their words. Students are expected to do their own work in class. In classes where group work is permitted/encouraged, students are urged to request clear guidance on what work may be done in group and what work is done only by the individual. For a definition of plagiarism and Academic Integrity, please see the Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct document at, page 17.

Additional information can be found in our Board Policies and Administrative Rules.