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    Welcome! The purpose of this Online Grants Office is to help LBCC faculty/staff:

    • Begin the LBCC grant process by submitting a Grant Concept Form electronically to LBCC for approval before formally preparing any grant proposals. Submitting an LBCC Grants Concept Form is a highly encouraged step to take. It ensures LBCC is taking a careful, strategic, and collective approach to its grant pursuits; avoids duplication; raises awareness of efforts; and reduces any potential "bad timing" in going to certain funding sources with multiple requests.
    • Find potential funding sources, both Federal or Other.
    • Write compelling and well-organized grant proposals.
    • Find data to strengthen the content of your proposal: Data Sources (social/economic facts) or Nitty-Gritty Resources (LBCC info typically needed for proposals).

    Additional Questions?
    Contact Cynthia Currin, Ext. 4408