LBCC Staff Self Service Password Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we implement the staff password management system?
Staff members that have an expiring Active Directory network password are notified with a pop up balloon several days prior to their password expiring if they physically log in to a computer at one of the LBCC campuses. However if they are using a website from off campus that utilizes AD for authentication such as the instructor web sites and their password is about to expire or has expired they have no way of knowing why they can't be authenticated.
Instructors and other staff members can now change their AD password from off-campus using a web browser and navigating to They will also get a series of e-mail messages alerting them that their password will expire soon.
Can I use this system from on campus too?
Absolutely. There are other features of the system like account lockout reset that can come in handy so you don't have to call the help desk if you attempt to log in too many times and get locked out. See the section about unlocking your account in the help pages.
Does this system change my Google Apps password too?
No. The LBCC Password Portal does not change your Google Apps user account password. You must still change that account separately.
How do I get notified when my password will expire if I am not on campus?
You will get three e-mails sent to your staff email account from the Password Management System alerting you that your password will expire soon. The intervals are 14 days, 7 days and 1 day prior to password expiration. The e-mails will come from so please add this to your allowed sender list in your e-mail client.
After I reset or change my password or unlock my account I'm getting an email from but it references Netwrix Password Manager. What is Netwrix?
Netwrix is the company that makes the Password Manager software. For security reasons Netwrix Password Manager is configured to automatically send an e-mail to the user that is making a change to their account password. Normally there is no reason to reply to the automated e-mails but if you have not initiated a password reset and are getting e-mail notifications like these please call the staff help desk at 541-917-4333 immediately so we can investigate.
Can students use this system?
Not at this time. We currently only support staff changing their Active Directory network login password using the LBCC Staff Self Service Portal.
Will this system also change my Wireless password?
Not at this time. We are working on a method to tie the wireless authentication in with LBCC's Active Directory but at this time the two systems are separate.
Which browsers work best with this software?
According to Netwrix Support the following browsers will work with the Password Management Portal:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Mozilla FireFox 2.0 or later
Apple Safari 2.0 or later
Google Chrome 4.0 or later
Right now the only issues we have seen are with Google Chrome not displaying some web pages from the Password Management Portal. We suspect older versions of Chrome to have issues as well. The vendor is working on a fix for Chrome and we will update this page when the fix is available.
We have not noticed any problems when using any version of Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer however we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of your favorite browser software.
Is this system secure?
Yes. We force a Secure Socket Layer connection when using this system either on or off campus. All password answer information is encrypted. The system interfaces securely with Active Directory to perform password changes, resets and unlock operations.
Does this system replace Microsoft's Active Directory?
No. The LBCC Password Portal is an additional service that integrates with Active Directory to provide more options for self service of your Active Directory user account.