Active Directory Domain Information

After doing much research and conferring with other Community Colleges, LBCC decided to switch from Novell's Network Operating System called Novell Netware to Microsoft’s Network Operating System called Microsoft Active Directory. This migration is complete and all LBCC staff accounts and workstations have been migrated into Active Directory.
Active Directory uses the concept of a domain of resources such as user accounts computer accounts, printers, shared network storage and server resources. LBCC's domain is called and you will log in to this domain if you are a staff member. The domain is sometimes shown as LBCC depending on which operating system (XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional) you may have on your computer. 
Listed to the left are topics intended to help LBCC staff with questions about the LBCC domain and logging in from a computer on one of the LBCC campuses.
Note: Some computers still have Novell client software so there are some web pages still referring to a Novell Login but this software is being removed quickly and our web site will be modified to reflect this as time goes on.
If you can not find the help topic you are looking for, please call the Help desk at 917-4333.