Healthcare Occupations Center

Healthcare Occupations Center
Location: Samaritan Healthcare Systems Campus, Lebanon, Oregon
Proposed Size: 42,000 square feet
Estimated Cost: $18 million ($10 million bond funds; $8 million State of Oregon match)

As the local population ages, health care needs increase. The healthcare industry is one of the few career fields that continues to grow even when the economy weakens. Currently, LBCC healthcare programs are housed in aging facilities that create barriers to teaching and learning. Programs and classes are scattered across the college and communities, inhibiting opportunities for collaborative learning for our students.

The new Healthcare Occupations Center, to be located close to major healthcare providers and education centers, will bring all LBCC healthcare programs into one learning space, providing greater opportunity for collaboration between programs and sharing of resources, and resulting in a more realistic learning experience to better prepare our students for healthcare careers. In addition to the bond funds, $8 million in State of Oregon matching funds will be used to help construct the center.