Sample Questions You May Want to Ask Employer Representatives

1. How many employees does your company have?

2. What goals does your company have for the next 10 years and beyond?

3. What kind of entry-level positions exist within your company?

4. How many employees are in my area of interest (which is...)?

5. Does your company hire on a continual basis or just at certain times of the year?

6. How long does the hiring process take?

7. What does your company consider the five most important qualities in an employee?

8. Are graduate degrees important? If so, in what areas?

9. What courses do you suggest in order to be a successful candidate?

10. Is there a GPA cut-off in the recruiting process?

11. What personality traits are important for success in your company?

12. As an entry-level employee, what can I expect to be doing two, five, ten years from now?

13. What made you choose this company?

14. How long have you been with the company?

15. Does your company have accomplishments of which you are especially proud?

16. For how many years does the entry-level employee typically stay with the company?

17. What percent of applicants are eventually hired?

18. What is the retention rate in the company?

19. Do you expect your employees to relocate?