Accelerated Learning Program in Writing

Did you test into Writing 95? Save time and money! Sign up for the Accelerated Learning Program in Writing


  • Develop your college writing skills in a single term, skipping two terms of classes
  • Save up to $400 in tuition
  • Enroll directly into WR 121, with a support class of WR 115
  • Keep the same instructor for both classes for the term

ALP classes take focus and commitment. Are you ready? Enroll by contacting the ALP coordinator at 541-917-4573.

For more information, contact writing instructor Chris Riseley at

Student testimonials:

Heather Barrie
Major: Mechanical Engineering
First term student

Heather tested into Writing 115, and decided to take ALP Writing to save some time and money.

“I was able to get two writing classes done in one term. I also liked the way Writing 115 gave more in-depth instruction on the essays I was doing for Writing 121. I feel I learned a lot more taking the two classes together rather than taking 115 one term, then 121. The instructor gave us a lot of feedback on how to improve our essays, and we had chances to revise them for a better grade. I scored really low on my first essay, but revised it and got a much better grade. ALP does take some time and commitment, so if you are thinking about taking ALP I would suggest not to overload your credits, since this is basically two classes in one.”

Jesica Coronado
Major: Dental Assisting
First term student

Jesica tested into Writing 95. After learning about ALP Writing at new student orientation, she decided to give it a try.

“I figured the class would save me money and time, even if I had to put a little more effort into it. I would have had to take three terms of writing, but I finished Writing 121 and Writing 115 in one term, and now I’ve got my writing credits done. Even though I paid for six credits, taking ALP saved me two full terms of class time and about $300.”

Kyle Hermann
Major: pre-medical
First term student

Kyle tested into Writing 95, and was ready to take the class when his instructor noted that Kyle may do well in ALP Writing. After learning about the program, he decided to give it a try.

“The class takes a lot of dedication, but if you are self-driven, it’s a great way to get your writing classes finished. I basically moved up three writing classes in one term. I really liked the laid-back atmosphere in the ALP part of the program. The structure of the class allowed for students to get peer feedback from each other and to work together on their writing. And Chris Riseley was an awesome instructor!”