VIP Advising Information

May 14th through 18th is Advising Week featuring the VIP Lounge!

Seeing your advisor helps you prepare for registration AND gets you a full access pass to the VIP Lounge! There are multiple options for VIP Advising depending on what you need. Read below to see which one is best for you.

1) Advising Appointments: Schedule an Appointment with Your Advisor

Do you have an incomplete or outdated Education Plan? Have you changed your major? Have you recently chosen a transfer school? Have you never seen an Advisor? If you said yes to any of these, you’ll want to make an individual appointment with your Advisor.

2) Drop-in Advising: No Appointment Necessary!

While seeing your assigned advisor is always recommended, we understand that sometimes it’s not possible. We have two options for drop-in advising prior to VIP Registration. These seasoned advisors can help you create or modify an Ed Plan. No appointment necessary! Just stop by.

VIP Lounge Drop-in Advising

Monday, May 14th- Wednesday, May 23rd (M-F only)

10 am- 2 pm

Takena 229


Advising Center Drop-ins

Monday, May 21st- Wednesday May 23rd

8:30 am- 4:30 pm

Takena Hall Advising Center


3) Quick Advice

Maybe you don’t even know where to begin and you just need a friendly face. Or maybe you’ve already met with your Advisor and you have ONE more question. Stop by and get Quick Advice!


VIP Lounge Quick Advice

Monday, May 14th- Friday, May 18th

10 am- 2 pm

Takena 229


VIP Activities Quick Advice

Monday, May 21st- Wednesday May 23rd

11:30-1 pm

M: Takena Front Lawn, T: Courtyard, W: Courtyard


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