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  • Tuition and Fees

    Tuition costs are based on your residency (in-state, out-of-state, international) and the number of credit hours you are taking. Certain classes may charge a fee in addition to tuition.

    Tuition and fees: 2013-2014 Academic Year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

      Credit Tuition Student Activity Fee Transportation and Safety Fee Technology Fee Total Tuition and Fees
    In-state (OR, CA, ID, WA, NV) per credit $93.80 $1.70 $1.00 $2.00 $98.50
    Out-of-state (except OR, CA, ID, WA, NV) per credit $203.80 $1.70 $1.00 $2.00 $208.50
    International per credit $239.80 $1.70 $1.00 $2.00 $244.50

    Note: $5 per credit fee charged for Internet and Hybrid courses
    Tuition and fees subject to change.

    Tuition Due Dates: Check the Business Office site for current dates

    LBCC Residency Requirements:

    Tuition rates and fees are different if you live in Oregon or bordering states, if you live outside of those states, or if you are an international student.

    Pay In-state resident tuition if:

    For more information and a list of accepted proof of residency documents, contact the director of enrollment at 541-917-4811.

    Pay Out-of-state Tuition if:

    • Your permanent residence is outside of the states of Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada or Washington

    Pay International Tuition if:

    • You are a citizen of another country and require an I-20 to attend college or other non-immigrant status.
      (International students do not become residents, regardless of the length of their residency within the state.)

    Per-student fee:

    • 1–5 credits: $3.80;
    • 6 or more credits: $7.60

    Non-credit class cost:

    • Cost is listed with each class

    Additional fees:

    • Admission application: $30 (includes placement test)
    • Photo ID card: $10
    • Placement test (CPT): varies: check the with Student Assessment for current fees)
    • Official copy of LBCC transcript: $5/first copy; $1/ additional copies ordered at the same time
    • Unofficial copy of LBCC transcript: free; $1/additional copies ordered at the same time, free from WebRunner student account
    • Faxed transcripts: additional $1
    • Rushed transcript processing: additional $10 (processed in less than five business days)
    • Course materials and activity fees: varies

    Additional Tuition:

    Certain lower-division transfer courses include lab credits which have additional tuition that is applied to the lab. Select Career Technical Education (CTE) program courses have tuition that is 21 percent higher than the standard resident rate, with the additional tuition applied to all credits. For more information, see the bottom of this page.

    Other factors that affect tuition:

    Regional Programs
    Some programs are designated as Regional Programs, allowing out-of-state students to pay in-state tuition the their first term. For additional terms, students need to meet LBCC's residency requirements to qualify for in-state tuition.

    Tuition Refunds

    Tuition refunds are based on the table below. Class length is based on the number of term weeks the class is scheduled to meet (week is 12:01 a.m. Monday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday). Refunds will not be granted after the drop deadlines listed below. Use WebRunner to drop classes on Saturday or Sunday.

    For tuition refund:

    • Drop the course using WebRunner by deadline below, or
    • Submit a Schedule Change form at any LBCC registration counter by deadline below

    NOTE: Be sure to hit SUBMIT in WebRunner to save your changes!

    Refunds will be mailed to you or credited to your account after the second week of classes. If a class is canceled by the college, you will receive a full refund or, if you prefer, you can enroll in another class through WebRunner, or by submitting a Schedule Change form at any Registration counter.

    NOTE: Classes dropped during the refund period will not be included on your academic record.

    Refund petition after deadline

    You can petition for a refund after the deadline if circumstances beyond your control are significant enough to prevent you from dropping within the refund period or if they occurred after the refund period. Petitions must outline your "serious and compelling" need for a late refund, and include support documentation. Petition forms available at all registration counters.
    Tuition Refund Deadlines for short-term classes:
    One-day class: Day prior to class
    One-week class:* Day prior to second class meeting
    Two-week class:** Day prior to the first class of second week
    Three weeks or longer: *** Monday of second week of class

    *A one-week class meets more than one day the same week (Monday–Sunday).
    *A two-week class meets at least once during two different weeks (Monday–Sunday).

    *** Classes three weeks or longer meet at least once during each week of the class.
    Refund of lab and materials fees

    Lab and materials fee refunds vary from course to course; some fees may not be refunded.
    For more information, contact Admissions at


    Additonal Tuition

    Effective Summer Term 2013

    A new tuition policy adopted in April creates a new tuition structure that allows cost recovery for classes and programs, which cost the college more to deliver, and in higher-cost programs that provide graduates with immediate opportunity to work.

    Lower-division transfer courses that include a laboratory component (see attached) will have 21 percent additional tuition added only to the lab credits for these classes. For the majority of these courses, the lab portion represents one credit, so the additional tuition will be $19.70 per course. This effects lab courses in:

    • Animal Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Geology
    • General Science
    • Physics

    Career and Technical Education programs that are not already using a cost recovery model will have tuition equal to the standard tuition approved by the Board of Education in April plus 21 percent. These programs include:

    • Automotive Technology
    • Construction and Forestry Equipment Technology
    • Dental Assistant
    • Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology
    • Machine Tool Technology
    • Mechatronics Technician/Industrial Technology
    • Nursing Assistant
    • Welding and Fabrication Technology

    Students in the Culinary Arts Program will pay the tuition from the new model, but will no longer pay the program (F131) fee.

    Nursing program students will continue to pay standard tuition, because the existing fees in the program already cover additional costs of the program.

    Animal Science

    • ANS 121
    • ANS 210
    • ANS 211
    • ANS 215
    • ANS 216A
    • ANS 216B
    • ANS 220
    • ANS 221
    • ANS 222
    • ANS 227
    • ANS 231
    • ANS 278


    • BI 101
    • BI 102
    • BI 103
    • BI 200
    • BI 211
    • BI 212
    • BI 213
    • BI 231
    • BI 232
    • BI 233
    • BI 234


    • CH 122
    • CH 123
    • CH 201
    • CH 202
    • CH 221
    • CH 222
    • CH 223
    • CH 241
    • CH 242
    • CH 243


    • G 101
    • G 102
    • G 103
    • G 201
    • G 202
    • G 203

    General Science

    • GS 104
    • GS 105
    • GS 106
    • GS 108


    • PH 104
    • PH 201
    • PH 202
    • PH 203
    • PH 211
    • PH 212
    • PH 213