Community Engagement

"Community colleges are in an ideal position to promote civic engagement, as their mission emphasizes the role of the institution in serving the community. The challenge, however, lies with finding ways to engage community college students in volunteer or civic related activities, as this unique group of students typically has fewer opportunities to engage with faculty and peers or participate in social and academic activities outside the classroom" (Taggart & Crisp, 2011).

Get engaged with your community!

College Access and Success Coaching:

LBCC Community Engagement is recruiting student volunteers to serve as tutors and mentors in the Greater Albany Public Schools District. 

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Service Learning:

Community Engagement aims to increase the presence of course-integrated service learning to promote deeper and experiential learning. Whether you are a student who wants to get involved, or a faculty member that wants to incorporate service learning into their curriculum, you'll find some great resources.

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Careers with a Conscience:

Careers with a Conscience is a joint effort between Community Engagement and Career Services to encourage LBCC students to pursue careers that are just, socially responsible, humanitarian, and relevant to their interests. 

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