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    Welcome to Clubs & Co-Curricular Programs at Linn-Benton Community College:  we’re all that—and a bag of chips!  We like to have fun around here, and we offer many ways to do that while becoming more involved in campus life and making new friends.

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    From Ultimate Frisbee to psychology to poetry, dance or drama, LBCC has a club for you.  Check out the list of current clubs below--if nothing grabs you, consider starting your own.  All you need is an idea, an advisor and eight club members—we’re here to guide you through the process.  Active clubs receive $100 in Club Reserve Funds at the beginning of each academic year and hold a variety of fundraisers and other events throughout the year.  A Club Expo is held at the beginning of Fall and Winter terms in which members showcase their clubs’ offerings and provide information about meeting times and places.  Some clubs also choose to host a Courtyard Lunch in October or May to promote their organization and raise money.  LBCC's annual College Night is also a great venue in which to participate.


    LBCC's Council of Clubs makes it possible for clubs to pool resources, work together on common issues, share ideas and sponsor joint events that benefit all clubs.  The more clubs that participate in bi-weekly Council meetings, the greater the value.  The Council of Clubs meets from 1-2 p.m. every other Wednesday in IA232, upstairs on the north side of the courtyard.  For more information, contact Student Outreach Director Jordan Hagle at or Student Life & Leadership Program Assistant Heather Morijah at  You may also call 541.917.4465 or stop by the SL&L office, downstairs east side of the courtyard.  You can find the latest meeting minutes here.

    2013-14 ACTIVE CLUBS

    AAUW Student Club

    Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.
    Advisor: Ann Buchele, 541.917.4932 

    Active Minds Club

    Mental health awareness, education and advocacy.
    Advisor: Greg Jones, 541.917.4549  

    Ag Leadership Club

    Advisor: Clayton Weber, 541.917.4768

    ALP Club

    Students helping students with writing.
    Advisor: Chris Riseley, 541.917.4573

    ASCET (American Society of Certified Engineering Techs)

    The only national professional society created especially for, and administered by, engineering technicians and technologists in all engineering disciplines.
    Advisor: Ric Costin, 541.917.4773

    Associated Veteran Community

    Veterans helping veterans and their families.
    Advisor: Lewis Franklin, 541.917.4542

    Black Curtain Society (Drama Club)

    Advisor: Dan Stone, 541.917.4566

    Campus Ambassadors Christian Community (formerly The Gathering)

    Gathering people of faith; encouraging one another to live a culture of love and faith.
    Advisor: David Becker, 541.917.4370

    Card Gamer's Club

    Have fun without wasting electricity!
    David Becker, 541.917.4370
    Barb Horn, 541.917.4459

    Comedy Syndicate

    A safe place to practice and hone your improv skills.
    Advisor: Dan Stone, 541. 917.4566

    CPU (Computer People Unite) Club

    Encouraging students to learn about and pratice using computers for personal, school and business purposes.
    Advisor: David Becker, 541.917.4370

    Dance Club

    Providing an opportunity to be involved with dance in a creative and fun way.  Learning, performance, choreography.
    Advisor: Liz Pearce, 541.917.4904

    Democracy in Action

    Promoting political awareness and activism, locally and nationally.
    Advisor: Dr. Robert Harrison, 541.917.4571

    FM Radio Club

    Want to establish a student community-based radio station on campus? Learn the business, actions and daily functions of a broadcast radio station.
    Advisor: Bill Thomas, 541.917.4655

    Gender & Sexuality Alliance (formerly Gay Straight Alliance)

    Strength in diversity. Friendship and support among the LGBTQ community and our straight allies.
    Advisor: Tim Black, 541.917.4557

    Geology Club

    Understanding the world around us by using geosciences in a real world setting.
    Advisor: Deron Carter, 541.917.4745

    Global Connections

    Enjoy activities and fellowship with international students: let's learn from each other!
    Advisor: Kim Sullivan, 541.917.4817

    Horticulture Club

    All things green and growing.
    Advisor: Stefan Seiter, 541.917.4765

    Linn-Benton Legends

    Play League of Legends and other E-sports.
    Advisor: Brian Reed, 541.917.4368

    Near-Space Exploration Club

    Promoting education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) with studies and projects in earth's atmosphere, particularly High-Altitude Balloon Science
    Advisor: Parker Swanson, 541.917.4274

    Open Source Club

    Promoting open source information technology and educational software.
    Advisor: Chris Riseley, 541.917.4573

    Philosophy Club

    Furthering understanding of philosophical ideas, and encouraging questioning, discussion and critical thinking.
    Marta Kunecka, 541.917.4878
    Scott McAleer, 541.917.4578

    Poetry Club

    Creating a community of voices; a chance to belong and have your personal voice heard.
    Advisor: Robin Havenick, 541.917.4574

    Rad Tech Club

    Promoting the field of Radiologic Technology. Providing information and support for new and current students, and encouraging the sharing of ideas and experiences.
    Advisor: Paula Merino, 541.936.0454

    Sperical Cow (Science Club)

    Advisor: Greg Mulder, 541.917.4744

    Students For Life

    Seeking to promote respect for life at LBCC and in the surrounding community, educating on life issues, and helping those in need so life is a promising choice.
    Advisor: Vikki Maurer, 541.917.4370

    Swing Dance Club

    You know you want to! Learn from experienced swing dancers, and have a ton of fun with us.
    Advisor: Carol McKiel, 541.917.4208

    Ultimate Frisbee Club (Fighting Sheep)

    LBCC has a 9-hole disc golf course--join us for a round!
    Advisor: Greg Mulder, 541.917.4744

    Visual Arts Club

    Student artists and graphic designers building a community of interaction to connect students with similar interests.
    Advisor: Frossene King,

    Voyager Club

    Providing educational and exciting U.S. and international travel opportunities for students.
    Dr. Robert Harrison, 541.917.4571
    Barb Horn, 541.917.4459

    Writing Group

    A venue for accomplished fiction writers in which to advance their skills, receive constructive criticism and showcase their work.
    Advisor: Terrance Millet, 541.917.4555 


    Co-Curricular Programs are a little different than clubs.  They’re closely tied to various academic programs at LBCC and provide both a learning experience and camaraderie among students who share similar academic interests.   Co-Curriculars allow students to become more deeply involved in their education by offering hands-on opportunities for learning, performance, competition and travel.  If you’re interested in these courses of study or a particular Co-Curricular Program, ask your advisor how you can get involved.


    Campus Recreation

    Advisor: Leslie Hammond, 541.917.4911

    The Commuter (student newspaper)

    Advisor: Rob Priewe, 541.917.4563  

    Culinary Arts

    Advisor: Todd Ketterman, 541.917.4387

    Diversity Achievement Center

    Advisor: Javier Cervantes, 541.917.4299

    Equestrian Team

    Advisor: Jenny Strooband, 541.917.4767  

    ITS Auto Tech

    Advisor: R.J. Ehlers, 541.917.4682 

    ITS Heavy Equipment

    Advisor: John Alvin, 541.917.4943

    ITS Manufacturing Tech

    Advisor: John Niedermann, 541.917.4600

    ITS Welding Technology

    Advisors:  Fred Stuewe, 541.917.4581
    Dave Ketler, 541.917.4592

    Livestock Judging

    Advisors: Clay Weber, 541.917.4768
    Rick Klampe, 541.917.4771 

    Peace Studies

    Advisor: Scott McAleer, 541.917.4578   

    Performing Arts

    Advisor: Dan Stone, 541.917.4566

    Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society - see below)

    Advisors: David Becker, 541.917.4264
    Ginger Peterson, 541.917.4925

    ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

    Advisor: Greg Mulder, 541.917.4744

    Vocal Music

    Advisor: James Reddan, 541.917.4550

    Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges and universities.  PTK provides opportunities for scholarships, intellectual enrichment and personal development.  Membership is open to any current LBCC student:

    • enrolled in at least one credit

    • with a minimum 3.5 GPA

    • who has completed at least 12 credits towards an associate degree at LBCC.

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