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  • Tips on Creating a Password

    • The password must be 8 or more characters in length.
    • It must contain a mix of letters and numbers.
    • It cannot contain any spaces.
    • A good password will not be a normal dictionary word.
      • You could use symbols or numbers in place of letters.
      • For example: byebye! = 8y38y3!
    • Good symbols to use are ! @ # $ % ^ & *
    • Use a mix capital and lowercase letters.
      • For Example: "mypassword" is not the same as "MyPassWord".
    • Use a password that is difficult to guess, yet easy for you to remember without having to write it down. Use a phrase instead of a word.
      • For Example: Use the first letter from each word in a sentence.
        "My car gets 25 miles per gallon" the passphrase
      • could be Mcg25mpG.
      • OR use the whole passphrase MycarGets25mPg@$4Agallon.

      If you have any questions please feel free to email Internet Support